2023 RULES

RULES 2023


The egeri-tour.com website is represented by the company H2 CONCEPT SARL (SIRET: 797 401 544 000 37) whose head office is located at 41-43 rue Paul Bert, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. The website egeri-tour.com, offers a modeling competition in the fashion sector from Wednesday May 25th, 2022 and for an indefinite period.

The website and all rights attached to it are the exclusive property of the representatives. All brands, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the website and on websites to which it allows access through hypertext links, are the exclusive property of their owners and are protected as such by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code for the whole world. Any unauthorized trademarks, in whole or in part, of these brands, logos and signs constitutes an infringement punishable by criminal sanctions.

All software used on egeri-tour.com site and those to which it provides access, as well as the texts, comments, illustrations and images reproduced on the site and those to whom it provides access are subject to copyright and unauthorized reproduction is an infringement punishable by criminal penalties.




The EGERI TOUR competition aim is to discover new fashion models of all sexes and genders and to offer them visibility to professionals in the field via a competition. At the end of an international selection tour (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg), the candidates meeting the selection criteria will be presented to the Jury for deliberation. The Jury will choose the candidates qualified for the 2nd round without limit of number. The 2nd round will take place in Paris on one day. The 2 winners of the competition will be announced at the end of the 2nd round.


– Eligibility


The EGERI TOUR contest is open to individuals aged 14 to 29 (age on the day of the selection step). The participation of a natural person under the age of 18 must be subject to written and dated parental authorization given to the organizers at the time of registration or within 7 days of registration. If it cannot be provided, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the candidate’s participation. No refunds of registration fees can be made.

The minimum height required for the “catwalk model” category for is 172m for women and non-binary and for 182m for men. There is no minimum size requirement for the “editorial model” category.

Promotion excludes:

Legal entities and individuals “incapable” or “protected” or deemed “not responsible”.

Representatives of the EGERI TOUR contest or any other entity or person involved in the production, design, implementation or dissemination of the contest as well as members of their immediate family and people living under the same roof as them cannot participate the contest or win.


– Duration


The contest starts from the first selection date and ends once the winners are announced in the 2nd round.

The organizer reserves the right for any reason whatsoever to modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel the contest without notice, without liability to be incurred as a result. It is specified that in such a case staffing and its value may be reduced in proportion to the new contest duration. No compensation can be requested by the candidates.




Registration for the EGERI TOUR contest can be made after submitting an application via the egeri-tour.com website. A study of the candidate’s profile by the team within 7 days of sending the application will validate all the criteria necessary for registration (natural person, age, physical criteria, etc.). Once all the criteria have been validated, the candidate will receive a proposal for an appointment to carry out the photo tests which he can confirm by paying the online registration fee (€39 – non refundable). This photoshoot allows the posting of a photo book of the candidate on the egeri-tour.com website.

Registration fees of 39 euros including tax will be payable and include:


-1 HD retouched photo (the other photos will be on sale in Europe at a price of €50 incl.tax for 2 extra pictures and €86 incl.tax all the photos taken during the photo shoot, in Switzerland at the price of CHF80 for 2 extra pictures and CHF110 for all photos taken during the photo shoot, in Luxembourg at the price of €60 incl.tax for 2 extra pictures and €89 incl.tax all the photos taken during the photo shoot)

-launch of the photo book of the candidate on the egeri-tour.com website

In the event of a request to delete an application, the organizers undertake to withdraw the participant from the competition at the end of the current stage. No application can be deleted in the middle of a stage. The request for deletion must be made by email by the candidate in person at the email address seledtion@egeri-tour.com. No request for refunds of registration fees can be made following a cancellation of an application.




The EGERI TOUR competition is organised around three main stages which are themselves divided into the following sub-stages

Submission of the application on the egeri-tour.com website. Validation of the application followed by payment of the registration fee for the selected candidates.

2nd step: 1ST ROUND
Catwalk test: Passing in front of the selection director.

Shooting: Photo shooting with a photographer.

Viewing of the photos: Creation and uploading of the model’s book on the egeri-tour.com website.

3rd step: 2nd round
Following the EGERI TOUR selections, the best candidates are called back for a final stage called the 2nd TOUR.

The 2nd round will take place in Paris on one day at the end of the tour. During the 2nd round, the candidates called back will perform new tests (measurements, pola photos, catwalk test, etc…).

The 2 winners of the EGERI TOUR 2023 will be announced after the 2nd round.

– Prizes

Please refer to article “2 – PRIZES” of these rules.




The allocations are specified in the annex of the regulation.

The organizer reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the list of endowments offered by filing an amendment to these regulations.

Male and female participants who win the EGERI TOUR contest get a free prize which is given to them personally and exclusively. The photographs or graphic representations presenting the prizes have an exclusively illustrative function and are not contractual.

Unless otherwise indicated, the described prizes are devoid of any option or accessory. The costs of implementation, commissioning, installation, use, administrative formalities, products or services won by the participant remain the sole responsibility of the latter. Prizes won are not exchangeable for other prizes, nor for their price or their equivalent. They cannot be attributed to someone other than the beneficiary participant. After checking the conditions for awarding the prize or gain, the beneficiary participant is notified by the organizer by email.

If the organizer is, in particular due to an out of stock of the supplier of the prizes or the reorganization or judicial liquidation of the latter, the participant will be awarded another prize of a value at least equal to the originally planned prize. The participant cannot claim any compensation from the organizer in this regard.

Without prejudice to any legal action and its right to cancel the participant’s registration, the organizer is not required to send any prize or gain to the beneficiary participant if the latter has not correctly entered his contact details, if clearly and by any means, managed to distort the outcome of a game or has not complied with this regulation.

By the sole fact of accepting his prize or gain, the beneficiary participant expressly authorizes the organizer and/or its business partners to publish and distribute, with the mention of his prize or gain, his surname, first name, city, department and country of residence, image, voice and writings, in particular for commercial purposes or in advertising messages or as part of advertising and promotional events, on any medium and by any technical means, in France and abroad, for a period of of two 2 years, without any counterpart or right other than this prize or gain.




See Privacy Policy and Privacy CLICK HERE.




Participation in EGERI TOUR competitions implies knowledge and acceptance by the participant of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, in particular with regard to technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, risks interruption, and more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transmission over the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risks of contamination by possible computer viruses circulating on the network.

Consequently, the organizer cannot under any circumstances be held responsible, without this list being exhaustive:

– the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet;

– any malfunction of the Internet network preventing the smooth running and/or functioning of the competition offered on the site;

– failure of any reception equipment or communication lines;

– loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, loss of any data;

– routing problems;

– the operation of any software;

– the consequences of any virus or computer bug, anomaly, technical failure;

– any damage caused to a participant’s computer;

-any technical, hardware and software failure of any kind, having prevented or limited participation in the competition offered on the website or having damaged a participant’s computer system.

The organizer cannot be held liable for any malfunctions of the Internet network resulting in failures in the administration, security, integrity or management of the competition offered on the website.

The connection of any person to the website and the participation of participants in the contest offered on the website is done at their own risk. It is up to all participants to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software stored on their computer equipment against any attack.

Furthermore, the organizer can naturally have no responsibility for the difficulties or impossibility of connecting participants to the Internet.

The organizer cannot be held responsible if, for a reason beyond its control, the contest or the services were to be modified, postponed or canceled.

Likewise, the organizer reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the contest or the services offered on the website, at any time and without notice, without having to justify it. In this case, the organizer cannot be held liable in any way for this fact and the participants cannot claim any compensation of any kind.

The organizer cannot be held liable for a delay in the dispatch of the prizes and prizes when this delay is not attributable to it, but is the fault of the service provider to which it resorts to carry out this dispatch. He cannot incur any contractual or legal liability for operations relating to the transport of the prizes and gain awarded. Beyond 90 days, no complaint about the sending of the prizes will be accepted by the organizer.

Likewise, the organizer cannot be held responsible if the prize(s) or gain(s) are damaged due to transport operations.

Any participant winning a prize or gain undertakes to pay any tax, duties, social security contribution or any other duty of any kind whatsoever which may be due under the law, the organizer being discharged of any responsibility in this regard.




In order to adapt to changes to the website and/or its operation, the organizer reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and without notice, the rules of the contest proposed on the website. In this case, the changes will be opposable without delay to the participant, after publication of the new provisions which can be freely consulted on the website.

If the participant does not agree with the new regulations, they must express their refusal to the organizer by any means, in particular by email. This refusal will result in the immediate cancellation of the participant’s registration without entitling him to any compensation. No refunds of registration fees can be requested or made.




The website and these rules are governed by French law.

If applicable, any dispute will be submitted to the competent Court of Paris. Beforehand, any dispute between the organizer and a participant will be the subject of an attempt to settle amicably.




The regulations are deposited via the site www.mapreuve.com.

The regulations can also be consulted at any time on the egeri-tour.com website.

APPENDIX – List of lots

– Creation of the professional photo book abroad 5 days/4 nights (6 to 8 photos): transport, accommodation, meals and visits included – Estimated commercial value: €6,000 including tax per winner