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EGERI TOUR is one of the biggest model competitions in Europe. Each year, a selection tour is organized in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg in order to discover the new faces of fashion.
EGERI TOUR is not an agency. This is a model contest that allows young fashion hopefuls to get noticed. Each candidate selected during the selection phases also has an online photo book on the website accessible by numerous fashion professionals. EGERI TOUR also enables models to be put in touch with professionals for various projects.
Integrate an agency:

Following your participation in one of the selection phases, your photo book will be made available to the agencies working with the competition at the end of the tour.

Become known :

By participating in EGERI TOUR, you benefit from an ideal international exposure to be spotted by fashion professionals. Your photo book will be posted online for 1 year and visible for free..

To live an experience :

EGERI TOUR is much more than a model contest. Throughout the adventure, you benefit from advice. Throughout the stages, you will meet seasoned professionals who will guide you in your career.

Participate in the shooting:

Each model entered in the contest is photographed by a professional and leaves with one or more high quality photos. These photos will be published on the website and will allow the participant to be optimally promoted.


WOMEN : be between 14 and 25 years old on the day of the final.
MEN : be between 14 and 25 years old on the day of the final.

There is no size or weight limit. The competition is divided into 2 categories: editorial model (photo) and catwalk model. Modeling agencies are looking for many types of profiles, and we have to meet their demand. For the final, the jury will choose 12 finalists corresponding to the criteria "catwalk model" and 8 finalists corresponding to the criteria "editorial model".
A selection phase takes place in 3 stages:

Passing in frond of the Jury:

Meeting with the candidate (catwalk).

The photoshoot:

Carrying out photo tests for the jury and the agencies.

Validation of registration:

Creation and posting of the Model portfolio on the website. You will choose with a member of the team on site the photos that will form your Model portfolio.

For more information, you can visit the "STEPS" page accessible directly by CLICKING HERE.
To consult the dates and the selection cities for the current edition, we invite you to consult the "2021 SELECTIONS BY CITY" page accessible by CLICKING HERE.
Registrations are open to anyone who meets the selection criteria presented above. To register for a selection phase, all you have to do is go to the "REGISTRATION" page accessible by CLICKING HERE.

Following your registration, you will receive within a maximum of 7 days a return from us with a proposal for an appointment. If your profile is selected, a registration fee of €39 will have to be paid online to validate your participation.

If you do not receive a response from our team within 7 days, we invite you to contact us by email at:
You can register for a selection phase until the day before the event. However, it may happen that the maximum number of participants is reached and registrations are closed. In this case, we invite you to participate in another selection phase. You will find all the dates and cities of selections in the "SELECTIONS BY CITY" page accessible by CLICKING HERE.
Because of the health crisis, we had to restrict the guides. Minor candidates are allowed to come accompanied by a maximum of one person. Major candidates are not allowed to come accompanied.
The selection phase by city can last between 1 hour and 2 hours. We therefore advise you to reserve a sufficiently large time slot to be able to fully participate in the event.
You will need to wear your own outfit during the selections. We advise you to come already dressed.

For women, prefer a simple and close-fitting outfit (your silhouette should be visible). It is advisable to choose shoes with heels (pumps, wedge soles, ankle boots). Avoid caps, beanies and hats. Photoshoots are made without accessories (glasses, caps, etc.).

For men, prefer a simple and close-fitting outfit such as jeans/t-shirt or shirt. Avoid caps, beanies and hats. Photoshoots are made without accessories (glasses, caps, etc.).
We ask you to come with a valid identity card. If you are a minor, you must come accompanied by an adult and with the written permission of one of your parents/guardians.
For women, we advise you to come cleansed or with a very simple make-up ("Nude" type). We advise you to choose the "Makeup" option on the spot on the day of the selections to guarantee special photo makeup.

For men, we advise you to come without makeup. We advise you to choose the "Makeup" option on the spot on the day of the selections to guarantee special photo makeup.

Due to the current health crisis, there are no longer professional makeup artists on site during the events.
There is no hairdresser available on site. You will therefore have to come with your hair already.

For women, prefer a simple hairstyle: loose hair combed back or a ponytail.
When registering on the site, we ask you to attach a photo of yourself to your request. We invite you to respect the following points:

Full photo (head to toe)
Facing the camera
For long hair, style it back (behind the ears or tied up)
With a close-fitting outfit
Do not wear accessories (caps, hats, hats, glasses)
For underage persons, it is requested to come accompanied by one of the parents or a legal guardian. If the parents or the legal guardian cannot be present during the selection phase, the underage candidate must be accompanied by an adult and must present a signed parental authorization. The summons must also be signed by the parents or the legal guardian.
The transport costs to get to the selections remain the responsibility of the candidate. The EGERI TOUR team travels to 30 cities in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden to allow as many people as possible to go to a selection phase.
You can check if the person who contacted you is part of the EGERI TOUR team by CLICKING HERE !


Following your registration request on the site, your profile will be studied and you will receive a response from our team within 7 days.

If you match the criteria of the contest, we will send you an email with a date and time to meet for the photo tests. Payment of registration fees must be made to validate the appointment. Following the payment of the fees, you will receive a convocation by email in which you will find all the useful information to appear at the selection phase in the chosen city.

If your profile does not match the contest, you will receive an email message to notify you.

The deliberations of the jury to choose the 20 finalists (12 finalists "catwalk model" and 8 finalists "editorial models") who will be directly qualified for the final in Paris take place once all the selections have been completed.

In total, 20 candidates will participate in the final in Paris:

12 "catwalk model" finalists (6 women and 6 men)

8 "editorial model" finalists (4 women and 4 men)

Deliberation for the finalists

The deliberation to choose the finalists who will reach the final in Paris is carried out by the EGERI TOUR team (casting managers, photographers, artistic director) as well as by the partners of the competition.

Deliberation for the winners

The deliberation to choose the two winners of the competition is carried out by a jury made up of fashion professionals.
A fashion show model must meet very strict pre-defined criteria that vary according to gender: fine body measurements, height greater than 172cm for women and 182cm for men (with some exceptions), attitude and ease during the show.
An editorial model is oriented towards photo and/or video advertising projects. The size and silhouette criteria are less strict than for the fashion model. The beauty of the face, the expressions and the photogenic are the most important criteria.


For candidates selected to participate in the contest and take the photo tests in their city, a registration fee of €39 including tax must be paid before the online meeting.
The registration fees to participate in the EGERI TOUR contest include:

Participation in the competition

The photoshoot (tests)

A HD retouched photo

Distribution of the photo book on the EGERI TOUR website for 1 year

For the finalists: accommodation and meals during the final in Paris
No other expense will be expected following the selections until the final.

During the selection phase, candidates have the possibility if they wish to acquire all the photos taken by the professional photographer for a preferential rate of €78 including tax. These photos can be added to the online book on the EGERI TOUR website.
At the end of the selections, you will watch with the team all the photos taken by our photographer. You will then have the possibility if you wish to acquire one or more additional photos for a preferential rate. These photos can be added to your online photo book on the website.
Registration fees must be paid online by credit card (or Paypal, on request only).

The "full book" option can be paid by cash or credit card.